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Welcome to Access Space's DIY FabLab wiki. Here we will discuss the progress of Access Space's new DIY FabLab, our emerging DIY FabLab Network, and the projects that we undertake.


FabLab Doorway

In 2009 Access Space announced its intention to supplement its free, open access media lab with a new fabrication facility. A FabLab is a suite of computer-controlled tools which can be programmed to manufacture almost anything! Originated at MIT, the FabLab concept suggests a future model of production which is more localised, and capable of producing unique items just as cheaply as mass-. Access Space Network will develop the FabLab concept (which includes proprietary, off-the-shelf tools) with its do-it-yourself approach. By building the lab ourselves and by deploying free and open source tools, we will not only save resources, we'll also develop higher level skills in the process.

Check out this introduction to see why we're interested and how this concept dovetails with our interests in do-it-yourself, open-source software and technology recycling.

Progress Update

  • Progress is now visible! We've broken through into the new unit! (August 2010)
  • Despite a slothful response to our initial funding bids, we've thrown caution to the winds and gone ahead and installed mezzanine one, using an innovative, superior and cheaper stairwell design. (April 2011)
  • Access Space's mega recycle days (March 16-17th 2011) were the first public events where the DIY FabLab was in use. During the events volunteers processed around 3000kgs (!) of redundant ICT equipment, sorting out reusables from recyclables.
  • Our tireless volunteers (led by John Moseley, thanks John! :-)) have relocated the lighting for mezzanine one.
  • :!: Undaunted by the huge (now nearly two year) delay in confirmation of funding, we've now started to construct mezzanine two which makes great use of bigger, 4.1 metre racking bays. (May 2011)


Organising & Infrastructure



DIY FabLab Network

We're currently developing an international research network of DIY FabLab practice. We have core partners from various European countries and we're seeking more. Please, get in touch!


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