Making a musical Arduino thing day.

John and Martyn have been trying to hammer out what they want to do a bit more. This initial workshop is planned for late September 2009.

What the day is for?

  • To start people off working with ardiuno.
  • Hopefully to get a group or at least a collection of interested people started.
  • Find problems and opportunites for making things in access space. What do we need for the workshop aspects of “FabLab
  • to get it so the non hardware people can get somewhere with motors etc.
  • so the hardware can get somewhere with software.
  • To create a working arduino based musical device.

Who is it for?

  • Open but limited numbers

What we will try to do on the day

  • Build several mechanisms for hitting /plucking or blowing an instrument under control by the arduino.
  • then control it extenally via one of these
    1. Turn barcodes into tunes using the cuecat we have in.
    2. Make a tune from the card strip data on peoples bank cards (or anything similar).
    3. hook to the doors and have a looped data log based tune.
    4. Hook a midi keyboard to an arduino ( )


  • choose a day
  • see if tinker-it can turn up.
  • see if bardwells would sponsor?
  • motor / servo / stepper controllers
  • find a chassis (an open pc chassis)
  • sort through the pink bucket of bits.
  • install the arduino software on the network.
  • room to display it.
  • power supply (made out of standard pc supply)
  • advert (tin toy monkey hitting drum)
  • invite to include if you have them please bring
    1. breadboard
    2. strip board
    3. soldering irons

Scrounge list

  • solenoids - dot matrix printers
  • servo's - radio controlled toys
  • relays - old modems
  • transistors - VCRs, cassette players

Buy list

  • will need a bit of strip board to build the finished article on
  • 1k 10k and 100k resistors in a pack

hope that helps / what does anyone think?

Ideas for how to do it?

  • Piezo's from motherboards to make knock sensors to loosely attach to the keys of the marimba.
  • Buttons to provide a record loop / play loop interface.
  • Code for knocksensor input to midi signal.
  • code to record store and play back the midi
  • Code for midi to actuator signals
  • Make actuators
  • Make frame
  • Make sticks
  • Code to load / send midi out so it can be stored and replayed later.
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