Immediately, our challenge is to open up the infrastructure of the FabLab. Initially we need to do some good, old-fashioned building work (no computers involved). We're doing this on an opportunistic basis, because as yet we have no budget whatever. But we're making progress!


UPDATE August 2010: The Doorway is now complete.

We've contacted the Building Regulations people, and they suggested that we do need Building Regulations consent and a Fire Inspection to complete the doorway between Access Space and the FabLab. After further investigation, it turns out that we do not need Building Regulations approval, because:

  1. We are making a doorway in an internal, non-load-bearing wall.
  2. The wall was built in 2000, so does NOT include any asbestos.

The secret to making this doorway was to cut a horizontal slot in the wall first, and cement the lintel in place before removing the blocks below. This keeps the blockwork fully supported throughout the process.


We've successfully scrounged a half-dozen tables to get started with, but we need more sturdy workbenches. We'd like to construct these with Gridbeams or a similar related technology.

We now have a way to integrate the workbenches we need into the Dexion Speedlock structure which we're building. This is low cost and very, very sturdy. Ideal!


UPDATE March 2011: The wood for both stairwells is now cut and grooved. UPDATE July 2011: The mezzanine one stairwell is now in place, the mezzanine two stairwell is being built.

Previously (in 2000) we designed a stairwell with steel stretchers for a 9ft Dexion Speedlock bay. This has been very satisfactory, but perhaps not ideal. The total cost was around £400. This time we've opted for a different design, making use of 192mmx44mm wooden joists as the stretchers, and 145mmx44mm joists as the treads. Each stairwell now has a materials cost of under £50 and is stronger and lighter!

Hand Tools

Access Space has a small stock of hand tools most suited to electronics work. We need more - so if anyone knows of available hand tools that they're prepared to donate, tell us!

In the meanwhile it might be sensible for us to make a list of essential hand tools.

Electronics Tools

Access Space has a small stock of electronics tools, but we don't have an oscilloscope, (well actually we do, but it's broken).

Let's make a list of essential electronics tools.

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