RFID tags can be used for hands free localised communication.


RFID is used for everything from tracking parcels to opening doors. They can be built using simple antenna.

Such as: DIY tag

More detail: RFID handbook

What we need

  1. Tags. could take the form of a simple pcb with some cmos circuitry
  2. Base station. this does not actually have to work at RF (radio frequencies) 120khz is quite acceptable and would create minimal interference.
  3. self powered duplex tags. power source: apply short duration pulse of pressure to piezo element ie. tap it. realistically need spring mechanisim to deliver this, similar to piezo lighter action (tho much lower voltage important). possible use: transmitting messages in t'

Possible Uses

  1. Hands free sign in to access space. An RFID tag could alert a software system to a participants entry, whereupon they would be prompted to sign using a graphics tablet.
  2. Authorising use of DIY fablab technology. Where there are safety issues with technology an RFID tag could identify participants with the correct training.
  3. Artworks. RFID tags could be used to enable localised participation in art installations. The tags would make the artwork aware of its localised environment.
  4. Putting RFID on the Access Space mugs could gather some interesting data. Where are the cups located? On the coffee table or on the cup hooks? How many cups are in circulation during any one hour?

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