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Access Space DIY-FabLab

Access Space

Access Space is a free, open access digital learning centre for a wide variety of local people. Participants pursue their own creative and technical projects and contribute to a community of support. The centre's network is built from recycled computers running free, open source software.

The DIY-FabLab

This project will introduce a FabLab (fabrication laboratory) - a suite of computer-controlled machine tools able to manufacture diverse objects, including high-tech devices. A typical FabLab is costly, operated by experts with established agendas. In contrast, the Access Space DIY-FabLab will introduce low cost and self-built machines to self-selected participants to facilitate exploratory, experimental use.

Benefits include social, educational, developmental, environmental and innovation impacts.

Access Space's peer-learning network relies on the enthusiasm of participants to pursue their own projects combined with their sense of community.

Access Space's holistic model exploits synergies between creativity, recycling, community, learning and network technologies. The FabLab will increase potential for synergies between digital and physical activities.