Bootstrapping a DIY FabLab

Bootstrapping means “pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps”. Starting from ground level, we will document the stages of development, from the input resources through to FabLab empowerment. For FabLabs to have widely distributed, positive social impact, their affordability and feasibility must be maximised.

A regular FabLab isn't cheap, but the DIY FabLab development process will document the cheapest, most feasible strategies for a local communities to start, develop and sustain next-generation, digitally-controlled manufacture.

First Steps

  • Input Streams: Expert volunteers, trash electronics…
  • What are the machines we can acquire which are the very best value for money?
  • What machines will create genuinely interesting outputs early, not just “proofs of concept”.
  • What machines are unfeasibly expensive to acquire or to run?
  • How can we build on our knowledge to acquire the expertise we need?
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