Handset Design Issues

  • Should be as minimal as possible, reducing cost, complexity and environmental impact to a minimum, while providing useful functionality.
  • Should include 8 LEDs, 8 dipswitches, and a “send” button.
  • We need to establish a simple, memorable procedure for sending a message.
  • Do we need 16 dipswitches? (8 for the destination, 8 for the message?) While not absolutely the most minimal, would a more minimal solution be usable? Maybe two of this type would be feasible?

8-way dipswitch

  • The design of the handset has yet to be finalised. We have discussed the notion of a “dial”, with LEDs at points N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW to enhance the memorability of light patterns. This dial arrangement would also suggest a telephone, and might also suggest directional commands, which could be relevant for directional robotic control. There are many other possibilities which should be discussed.
  • To make the handset more useful, it will be necessary for the user to be able to scroll backwards through the last few messages. Last 5 or so would be useful.
  • Ideally the handset should also be able to indicate how long ago a message was sent. Maybe sending “sync” broadcast messages from a central control every 15 minutes may allow this to be deduced by scrolling back through received messages.
  • The handset could be made more useful by including a speaker which beeps on message receipt.
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