Once the 't' network is up and running, there will be ongoing maintenance, facilitation, education and research actions which we'll need to undertake in order to unlock the full benefits of this project.

  • To facilitate the social aspects of the network there should be frequent but somewhat irregular social events announced ONLY through the 't' network.
  • Centrally will the network benefit from a regular broadcast time stamp?
  • The network will benefit from a standardised broadcast Look-Up Table, which will need to be maintained. This could be as simple as a whiteboard in Access Space.
  • Individual users may wish to agree their own LUTs with their friends. It would be a useful action to research these practices.
  • Users may devise innovations either in the handsets or their usage. This should be researched.
  • Procedures may need to be put in place to avoid antisocial network usage, and to promote and propagate good practice and effective usage.
  • There's huge potential for this project to generate good publicity.
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