Software Specification & Issues

  • A received message needs to indicate both the sender (one flash) and the message (another flash). an extra 8 LEDs would allow both to be sent at the same time, but while this would enhance readability, it'd also increase complexity and cost.
  • It would be useful to think about time elapsed since a message has been received. This may be achievable by a regular “sync broadcast” from a central point.

* We need to consider whether some non-printable characters should not be writable by the system. (If 13 bits are available, should the first 5 bits always be set to “1”, thus avoiding the issue, and leaving a very respectable 8-bit, 256 character message space?

  • We need to consider the node number issue for future compatibility. If each node (handset and relay) is identified by a single character, then we will fill the available network space with our first attempt (we'll never be able to recall all handsets). Can we then roll out a second network (with new software) in the same geographic area using different node ID numbers, or are no other node ID's available?
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